We are a Canadian based start-up and small business professional service provider firm.


The FERNO team of professionals exists to provide professional back up when starting a business or striving for success in your current business. FERNO strives to serve you at the highest professional standards.

Tax Planning

FERNO offers sophisticated yet practical solutions to the unique challenges faced by all kinds of businesses and their owners. To minimize your business tax bill tax planning must be a year-round activity. We can help reduce your tax liability by assisting you to capitalize on your available business deductions or finding tax-friendly ways to run your business. Working closely with our Legal Department, our Certified Accountants will prepare the most effective tax plan. Our services include:

Tax Return Filing

Depending on the type of business, the tax filing process can be confusing due to the additional forms and different standards and regulations that apply. Our Certified Accountants not only help your company to file a complete and accurate tax return, but also assist in reducing your company’s tax burden. To reduce the company’s tax bill our tax professionals know exactly what to look for in analyzing a business’ records and can find important tax credits and deductions. Our services include:


Success in any business venture often depends on good bookkeeping. An experienced bookkeeper can offer many important advantages to your business. A successful entrepreneur must have organized financial records. FERNO Group will ensure that your business files essential documents accurately and on time, to the right institution and in many cases to the attention of the right individual or department.

Financial Analysis

FERNO can help you to understand the financial status and key financial ratios when buying or selling a business or franchise. Also, for an established business that you would like to take to the next level, we can help you to understand and interpret your financial status so you can effectively take the next steps. At FERNO Group, our financial experts will provide you with the following services: