We are a Canadian based start-up and small business professional service provider firm.


At FERNO Group we offer an Integrated Approach. Our Business Experts will work with all the other FERNO professionals to provide quality service to your start-up or small business.

Before Going LIVE!

We are immersed in the start-up world ourselves, so we know how to help founders and entrepreneurs to set their strategies. We are a ONE STOP SHOP specializing in start-ups and small businesses. With our integrated, efficient and professional approach, the best lawyers, accountants, marketing specialists, business advisers and web developers are all at your service. We will assist you to have a successful start.

LIVE But Not There Yet!

FERNO Group is experienced in helping companies to achieve their business goals and financial projections. We will connect you to investors and help you to raise the capital you need. Enhancing your web presence, devising marketing strategies and materials and taking care of your tax filing and bookkeeping are only examples of how we can help you to achieve your goals. Our services include but are not limited to the following: examples of how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Expanding Your Business?

Execution is critical to your success. Instead of simply hoping for the best, let us be your guide as we help you to map out a practical business future and identify key performance indicators and relevant goals. To do this you need specific analysis of all essential business processes and evaluation of traditional factors such as revenues, costs and current funding gaps. We'll help you reach the next stage of your business development using the resources you have or assist you in finding the additional resources you need.

Buying or Selling a Business or Franchise

Our Business Experts will assist you through the processes required to buy or sell a business. Our Certified Business Brokers will also help you find a franchise that fits your skills and interests. Our Commercial Realtors will assist in acquiring office, retail, workshop or warehouse space so that you can start your business with peace of mind.

Packages designed for early-stage startups:

    • Business Plans and Grants

      Business Idea Validation

      ► General Q&A

      ► Initial Evaluation

      ► SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, threat) analysis

      ► Market Research

      ► Cost Benefit Analysis

    • Company Setup

      ► Legal

      ► Notary

      ► Bank Accounts

      ► Tax Planning

      ► Financial Strategy and Planning

    • Business Plan

      ► Strategy

      ► Product

      ► Marketing/Sales

      ► Organisation/Process

      ► Finance

    • Business Processes

      ► As-is analysis

      ► To-be definition analysis

      ► KPI definition

      ► Milestones and Roadmap

      ► Resource optimization

    • Strategy Fundraising Strategy

      ► Crowdfinancing

      ► Private Investors

      ► Public Funding

      ► Venture Capital

      ► Corporates and Sponsors

      ► Operational Sales

    • Grants and Loan Programs

      ► Federal

      ► Provincial

      ► Local government (City)

    • Marketing

      ► Marketing Strategy

      ► Advertisement

      ► Marketing material and design

      ► Public Relations and Social Media

      ► Marketing Campaigns

    • Technology

      ► Website design and development

      ► Application development

      ► Software and programming

      ► Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

    • Buy/Sell Business or Franchise

      ► Business valuation

      ► Due diligent and inspection

      ► Legal transfer

      ► Business processes and formation