We are a Canadian based start-up and small business professional service provider firm.


Marketing strategy must be in line with your business plans, tax strategies, website capabilities and the legal implications. FERNO Group offers a full package.

Marketing Strategy

Your business will not succeed simply because you want it to. Marketing is essential to the success of your business. Developing an effective strategy takes careful planning and a thorough understanding of the marketplace. FERNO Group develops an in-depth marketing plan that will guide your enterprise and help you to achieve your goals while creating a valuable way to establish future benchmarking. FERNO Group specializes in small business marketing and offers planning and marketing strategies in the following areas:

Marketing Campaign, Branding and Advertisement

Your enterprise needs the right ingredients to create a successful marketing campaign. FERNO Group provides clients with skilled advice, outstanding value, and a total commitment to service. Professional understanding of traditional media such as print, combined with a flair for and understanding of newer channels such as the World Wide Web, social media and email, allows us to help you develop a campaign best suited to your business. Our services include:

Public Relations and Social Media

In a society where knowledge has become a currency, online platforms provide an effective communications tool for brand marketing for both business-to-business and business-to-customer strategies. Your brand identity and media presence are developed through the use of appropriate social media outlets and other online platforms, effectively reaching your targeted audience. Our services include:

Graphic Design and Marketing Material

Graphic design is the process of combining images, typography and technology to communicate ideas to an audience. Graphic design is fundamental to building your brand through a brochure, logo development, website, flyer, sign, ID package, etc. Good design engages the audience and evokes a feeling, an emotion. The design should ask a question and grab the viewer’s attention. Good design pieces should be lasting and memorable. FERNO designers live up to these expectations on every project. Our Services Include:

Marketing and SEO Services