We are a Canadian based start-up and small business professional service provider firm.


Applying our integration model allows us to create efficient and cost effective solutions. To achieve a wall-to-wall solution for you, our Legal Department works closely with other FERNO departments.

Legal Structure

To provide protection and achieve success your business needs an appropriate business structure. FERNO can help you set up or reorganize your business to protect your assets and achieve maximum growth. Structuring your business appropriately is critical to its prosperity and success. To a business lawyer, the choice of organizing your business as a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability partnership is critical to launching a successful new enterprise. Our services include:

Legal Documents

Whether buying or selling a business or franchise you will need proper documents to protect your rights. FERNO’s Legal Department can also draft special terms and conditions. Our lawyers can help you with all legal documents specific to your situation. In situations where you are involved in a lawsuit, entering into a contract, or planning your estate, there are times when an experienced lawyer can help by preparing cost effective legal documents. Our services include:

Trademark, Patent, Copyright and IP

Today intellectual property has become the most significant asset for many of our clients. We can represent our clients before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The use of domain names, including ownership, registration, transfer, dispute resolution before CIRA and ICANN are legal issues that are experts can deal with for you. Our experts can also help you with issues pertaining to pirating, squatting and other bad faith use of domain names. Our services include:

Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Receivership

Our lawyers are experienced in handling complex insolvencies and corporate restructurings for all kinds of businesses. Our Legal Department is capable of professionally handling bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring cases. These practitioners are experienced not only in insolvency law but also in insolvency-related issues that arise in other areas, including litigation, banking, securities, tax, M&A, pensions, employment and regulatory law. Our services include: